Suburban Tribe
July 6th, 2010

With the Battle Scars app for your iPhone and iPod Touch, you can easily track any temporary effect or condition placed upon your character while playing your favorite tabletop RPG. No more do you need to mark your miniature or game piece with indecipherable rubber bands, pipe cleaners, stickers or soda bottle rings. You can also use Battle Scars to track hit points during combat and mark your character with the dreaded and feared Bloodied label.

While most pencil-and-paper RPG apps favor a bare bones design and interface, Battle Scars showcases a graphically rich UI and instantly gratifying user experience. With Battle Scars on your iPhone or iPod Touch, character combat and other encounters will be much easier and even more fun!


  • Multiple Characters – Enter as many of your favorite characters as you like into the Battle Scars app. With their names, classes, races, levels and hit points stored, they can all be in your pocket and ready for battle at your touch.
  • Movable Effect/Condition Badges – Create as many condition badges as you need using Battle Scars’ fast and simple interface. Color-coding makes it easy to distinguish negative conditions from positive ones. Once created, condition badges are moveable on the screen so that you can organize them however you wish! Need to remove a condition? Simply double-tap on its badge to dispel it.
  • Character Portraits – Battle Scars ships with six exclusive portraits that you can use to represent your character on the app. Choose one of them or use ANY image in your photo gallery! Download your favorite piece of concept art from the web or take a photo of your miniature or get dressed in your cosplay best and snap a picture!
  • Hit Point Counter – An elegant hit point counter allows you to effortlessly to keep track of your ever-changing hit points.
  • The Bloodied Button – Use this button to toggle a graphical reminder when your character has seen a little too much action.

Download it at the App Store now!

#2 mechanical pencil, Moleskine notebook:

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief/artist Joe Quesada posted his process for creating four interlocking covers for Marvel’s upcoming Siege mini series. Note the use of both photo reference and a 3D model to deliver the final product. A lot of amateur artists would call this cheating, but attitudes like that are what separates them from the professionals. The most interesting thing about Joe’s method of composing and creating these four covers is that it begins digitally, but ends with traditional pencil on bristol board.

Speaking of Marvel Comics, their Editor/Talent Scout C.B. Cebulski regularly gives advice to artists and writers looking to break into comics on his Twitter feed. It’s well worth your time to subscribe to it.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been busy and I’ve been ill (a busted foot, NOT the pig virus, thanks). But I have managed to nearly get to the halfway mark on my set of ten Star Wars sketch cards:


Thanks to the recommendation of a friend on Facebook, I thought that I would try my hand at drawing up a few sketch cards and see how well they sold on eBay. My first batch of cards is going to be a set of 10 Star Wars characters. The first up is Obi-Wan Kenobi, below. I’ll post a link to the eBay sale when all ten cards are finished.